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Website Strategy for Small Businesses and Non-Profits Web Presence Consulting and Content Strategy

Cybersteps empowers non-profit organizations, small businesses and social entrepreneurs to create and control an attractive web presence quickly and easily with the use of Drupal and Crowdsourcing.

Why are we unique?
Cybersteps believes in the premise of Occum's Razor. To paraphrase, "the simplest solution is usually the best." We do our best to help you simplify complex tasks and make your site as user friendly as possible, removing clutter and distractions, helping your users focus on what you intended them to do on your site.

Content Strategy: If you still don't have a Content Strategy in place (or have never heard of it), we can help you along. In today's multi-platformed web, a solid Content Strategy is crucial to online success.

Drupal Training: Cybersteps will teach you how to build and maintain your website. We offer free training on Drupal's content management system for all walks of life: from beginners to experts.

Non-profit organization specialists: Non-profits have unique needs, and we know them. Whether you are using your site to fund raise, increase your donor base, or just push your cause into the world, we understand that world and can help you achieve those goals.

Usability and SEO: Your user-friendly web site will meet your unique needs and get your message out. We help you get the most out of your site through usability testing and search engine optimization (SEO) services, and we'll train you so you don't need us forever.

Let us develop your Internet strategy professionally and inexpensively, with a long term approach in mind.

You Should Know...

Easy and Accessible Interface
Every site we build can easily be updated without depending on an external programmer who may charge outrageous prices for each change. You can update texts, graphics and announcements simply and quickly.

Non-Profit Experience
Our staff has years of non-profit experience and we know the non-profit world well. Your site will meet your specific needs and appeal to your target donors. We can provide a donor page on each site that will present your projects exactly the way donors expect to see them.

Crowdsourcing Marketing
We use Crowdsourcing tools to advance your marketing needs. Crowdsourcing give you the ability to tap into the collective intelligence of the masses to market your business. These tasks would normally demand excessive resources, but with the crowd, we can do it at a fraction of the cost.

Open Source Tools
Not only do we use the Open Source content management system Drupal, but so encourage the use of many other Open Source products to keep your development costs to a minimum.