Non-Profit and Small Business Web Experts

Cybersteps was founded in 2005 by Bryan Meadan following numerous cries for help from people attempting to understand what the Internet was all about and where it was headed. The main goals of Cybersteps were to teach efficient Internet use by understanding the individual’s unique and specific needs.

Soon after founding the Learning Center, Cybersteps created its Web Center. The Web Center was founded with the sole intention of providing a fair-priced and sound option for not-for-profit organizations who are in need of web sites and are not willing to spend the amounts demanded for commercial web sites. Non-profits need to focus their sites toward the people who support their cause - that’s what Cybersteps helps them do.

The Usability Testing and Search Engine Optimization is primarily concerned with improving the standards of our clients' sites. We believe in the value of community, and we want to help communities around the world utilize the Internet to advance social and educational goals.