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Cybersteps was founded in 1997 by Bryan Meadan following numerous cries for help from people attempting to understand what the Internet was all about and where it was headed. During the previous millennium, the main goals of Cybersteps were to teach efficient Internet use by understanding the individual’s unique and specific needs.

Soon after Cybersteps began creating dynamic websites, many of which you can still see if you happen to have a ten year old computer with a caching system that holds pages for ten years. Our sole intention was to provide a fair-priced and sound option for not-for-profit organizations who are in need of a web presence and were not willing to spend the amounts demanded for commercial projects. Non-profits need to focus their sites toward the people who support their cause - that’s what Cybersteps helped them do.

The Internet has expanded since then and so have we. In 2005, Cybersteps started working with the Drupal content management system -- one of the best decisions we ever made. We started utilizing the power of Crowdsourcing to provide added advantages to our clients, and made Usability and Search Engine Optimization primarily concerns for improving the standards of our clients' sites.

Today we take on a variety of development projects, with an emphasis on educational based websites. We believe in the value of community, and we want to help communities around the world utilize the Internet to advance social and educational goals.

Cybersteps is now the home of the Cybersteps Programmers Consortium:

Bryan Meadan: The founder of Cybersteps, Bryan has been involved in web development and consulting since 1996. He has been an Internet consultant for governmental ministries, as well as organizations in Canada, Israel and the U.S. In 2006, Bryan discovered Drupal and Crowdsourcing and has never looked back since. Previously he served as director of financial development and program director for large non-profit organizations. He loves football and hockey and is ambivalent about Tweeting. Contact us to get in touch with Bryan.

Yotam Kahn: With years of professional experience as a PHP programmer, with an excellent command of Apache, MySQL, Javascript and Jquery Yotam has been a hands-on the Drupal developer for the past three years. He has gained extensive knowledge of Drupal's E-commerce system, localization, modules development and prides himself on being able to shape Drupal according to client's needs while not hacking the Drupal core. Yotam is a team player with positive attitude. Contact us to get in touch with Yotam.

Talie Eisner: An illustrator and graphic designer since 2005, recently Tali made the jump from print to web. A graduate of the Lomby Drupal Course, she completed her formal training at HIT. Tali has vast experience with logo design, site design, marketing and content management. Tali has experience with multilingual websites, understanding the complexity of designing for languages that run in every possible direction. Contact us to get in touch with Tali.

Pavel Rumberg: A programmer since 2001, Pavel has been web programming since 2006 and with Drupal since 2009 when he began working at Softtailors Programming and Information Management, in programming and client management. Pavel has an excellent command of PHP, Javascript (Jquery), CSS, AJAX, Drupal, and other programming languages. In March of 2011, along with joining the Cybersteps team, Pavel joined his brother and opened Rumbergsoft, specializing in a wide variety of programming solutions. Contact us to get in touch with Pavel.

Freelance Drupal Programmers who rotate from time to time, giving everyone a chance to be on top.
15,000+ members of the crowd, who can take on countless tasks and I would love to name, but can't afford the bandwidth.

Contact us today to start these programmers on your project and get yourself a new Drupal-based website and the training to run it efficiently.

"If it was any easier, it would be implanted in your brain." (that, by the way, was our first slogan)

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