Drupal Training with Cyber Steps

Getting online is still a challenge for many. Cybersteps is dedicating to making the jump from cyber impaired to cyber savvy as simple as possible. We have developed creative and practical techniques to teaching site development and maintenance.

We are unique for several reasons:

Firstly, we provide FREE web maintenance training with every site we build. Classes that would normally cost hundreds of dollars come with every site.

We will teach you Internet strategies, efficiency and tools for running your own web site. We will assist you in defining modules and site characteristics to suit your needs. By the end of our lessons, you will be able to easily run your site. And if you need more guidance, we'll always be here to help.

Secondly, Cybersteps emphasises Internet efficiency. Waste less time working, you'll have more time for playing.

Thirdly, we fit our program to you. The first stage of our program is an evaluation of your prior knowledge. We then teach according to your personal level.

Cybersteps now teaches Drupal 7! Learn how to use one of the most powerful open source content management systems around.

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