APX Technologies

APX offers a comprehensive family of standard products with safety agency approvals for both North American & international applications. An engineering firm specializing in switching power supplies.


The Bodyform Therapy Wrap provides soothing relief from sprains, strains and other injuries. It's also great for relieving the aches and pains of arthritis, tendonitis, and muscle and joint discomfort.


CogniFit is a revolutionary technology that lets you explore your brain, assess your cognitive abilities and train the skills that are important to you.


Online news magazine in Arabic and Hebrew serving Northern Israel. The site focuses on issues, events and blogs from the Galilee region.

Flash Appeals

This Cybersteps Project has a mission: Aiming to enable organizations around the world to quickly get the word out on crises that endanger lives and livelihoods.

Holyland Pilgrimage

The Holy Land Pilgrimage website is designed to help believers get better acquainted with the Holy Land. The site offers an inside look at various and diverse aspects of the Holy Land, provides practical information, useful links and makes it easy to find local travel agents specialized in organizing pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Israel Pools

Information regarding everything Swimming Pools in Israel. An index of all services catering to the building and upkeep of swimming pools in the country.


JobSpooler is a platform for dividing jobs into smaller tasks which can be performed by a vast virtual workforce.


A multi-faceted Office Pool platform (members only). The platform allows multiple pools and thousands of players to compete in office pools around the globe. Pools focus on the NFL and NHL.

Northridge After-hours Pediatric Urgent Care

Serving the San Fernando Valley for urgent care by offering pediatric services after your child's physician's usual office hours.

Nothing in Moderation

A Toronto-based writer, long-time government policy wonk with self-diagnosed A.D.H.(?)D. The site is dedicated primarily to thoughts on writing, not writing, distractions, rejections, shopping accidents and whatever else, directly or tangentially-related, that crosses her mind.


From dissecting focus group data to list-building to wrangling social media, today's marketing professional often juggles many big projects. Spoolsource loves marketing gruntwork and turns it around quickly using the magic of Crowdsourcing.