Search Engine Optimization

A high ranking on a search engine could be a make or break it situation for a small business. Non-profits can benefit from higher rankings as well, as their exposure increases. Most people who conduct web searches do so on Google, and and over 80% of them never look below the items on the first half of the page (above the fold).

The competition for those first few crucial spots is brutal and if you do not create your site to fit the needs of the search engines, you will be left behind.

Search engines check hundreds of parameters to determine their page rankings and they punish those sites that either do not fit their criteria or make unprofessional attempts to falsely increase their ranking. Unprofessional attempts to improve page ranking may actually hurt you.

The Cybersteps staff has developed expertise in creating web sites that will rank as high as possible on all the major search engines.

Internet marketing is easy and accessible. Let us help you market your site.

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