Why My Mother Loves the Internet

A few years back I did something that had serious ramifications for my family. There were unexpected consequences, some serendipitous, others just scary. It started as simple fun, but then became increasingly more intense. There were moments I thought we would totally lose control. But then things plateaued and levelled out. But for a minute there....

What did I do? I opened a Facebook account for my mother.

The Search Engine Optimization Conundrum

Think you need SEO help?

Let's try something. Google "SEO". Then click on the "10" in the Gooooooooogle pager at the bottom. Go ahead and do it. I'll wait...

See how many SEO companies are ranked 90 or more? Granted, SEO is an extremely competitive search term, and if every one of those companies was doing everything right with their own sites, still someone would have to be number 100, right?

Making the Upgrade

You just noticed that your website only takes up 40% of your new super wide screen that you bought yourself for your birthday. And it looks a bit like it was designed in the mid-90's. Your clients complain that even after searching for the exact name of your company, it's address and your full name, you still only show up on the third page of Google. And you can't find the phone number of your friend's cousin's wife who can change that spelling mistake you can't believe you haven't seen until today.

It's time to upgrade your website.

Search Engine Optimization

A high ranking on a search engine could be a make or break it situation for a small business. Non-profits can benefit from higher rankings as well, as their exposure increases. Most people who conduct web searches do so on Google, and and over 80% of them never look below the items on the first half of the page (above the fold).

The competition for those first few crucial spots is brutal and if you do not create your site to fit the needs of the search engines, you will be left behind.

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