Usability Testing

Too many web sites lose viewers simply because the users can’t figure out where to find the pertinent information. Cybersteps provides web usability testing and consulting to non-profit web sites. Our assessments can increase web site traffic and can assist in improving visitor satisfaction. Unlike many usability testing and consulting firms, Cybersteps uses not only psychological analysis of users habits, but sociological data as well.

Our goal is to make your site as effective and readable as possible. Usability testing for Cybersteps is viewed as a critical step in building a site that will suit your goals, and particularly the goals of the visitors to your site.

The Process:

Usability testing is conducted by observing users on your site. We provide them with basic tasks and view their responses to those tasks. Their behavior will assist us in understanding where improvements in your site can benefit the user and the traffic. In addition, our experts can use their personal experiences and sociological data acquired over years of Human Computer Interaction research to help build the most effective site possible.

Understanding Internet Sociology is crucial to creating web sites that will benefit your cause. It will help understand the strengths and weakness of your site, provide new ideas for improvement and help you understand how the virtual community views what you provide. This, in turn, will help you maintain a positive relationship with the visitors to your site and help you save time and money the next time you build a site.

Cybersteps provides a flexible price range depending on the size of your site and your financial capabilities. Non-profit organizations with “worthy” content can get up to a 90% discount!