A Green Company

We’re a Green Company

Okay, so the logo’s not green, but everything else about us is.

Here are a few examples:

Our company electric bill: $0
Gas used to get to work yearly: 0 gallons
Pounds of paper printed each year: 0 lbs.

Pretty good, right?

Do you want to know how we do this? We work from home. That’s right. Since we don’t have a communal office and all of our employees work from the comforts of their homes, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint (not to mention allow our employees to spend more time with their families, increase productivity and motivation, and save on make-up, dress shoes and hair products — because who’ll see me today anyway?). And we did all of this BEFORE the pandemic. Yes, we were ahead of our time. 

In addition:

  • We use VOIP whenever possible.
  • We utilize cloud computing to save server space.
  • We encourage all of our employees and clients to recycle everything they own: paper, plastic, cans and bottles, cardboard, electronics and clothing.
  • All digital documents: Since we have to collaborate, we only use digital documents.
  • We use less paper by avoiding printing: we only print what is required by law to print.
  • We recommend Freecycling.
  • We strongly encourage Crowdsourcing, which has the unintended consequence of rewarding freelancers working at home.
  • And some of us hug a tree every Thursday. I’m not naming names.

That’s why, despite the blue logo, we consider ourselves a Green Company.

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