Website Development Supervisor ©

If you have ever had the experience of building a house, you know the importance of a good building supervisor. A building supervisor will find the right contractors, tell you when to make those difficult choices, make sure the work is done according to your wishes, and with the help of the architect, generally guide you through the process.

That’s what we can do for the process of building a website.

You need a Website Development Supervisor ©.

Use us to help you find the right site builders, the right graphic designers, a hosting service that fits your needs, and the right “architects” to build your site.

Many website companies seemingly have this built in to their package. They’ll tell you that they will make sure you get what you want. But who supervises them? You? Will they actually tell you if your site is built to meet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards? Do you know if your site is configured correctly for easy admin use — or do you need to wait and see if you can figure it out when they’re done? Have they done any usability testing? Does the price include features that you may want to add in the future? Is it flexible enough to accommodate new features without rebuilding the whole site?

These and many, many more questions are important to watch as you’re having your site built. But unless you are already an experienced website builder, you will not be able to supervise the company that claims to have your best interest in mind.

We can.

We will help you decide what features you actually need on the site.
We will help you find the right website designers and theme for the site.
We will make sure the site is built correctly: that means with SEO, security, usability, functionality, flexibility and aesthetics in mind.

Will it cost more to have a Cybersteps Website Building Supervisor? No, actually it will cost less! How is that possible, you ask? Just like a travel agent, we get our cut from the developers who are happy to use this service. They believe that it is worth lowering their prices in order to save time finding new clients and are happy to have additional assistance to make sure that your site — your connection to the world — meets your goals.

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